• Eddie Cass (1937-2014)

    The Society was sorry to hear of the death of Eddie Cass. Eddie played an important part in guiding The People’s History museum after its arrival in Manchester and had wide ranging scholarly interests. An obituary written by Alan Fowler for the Guardian can be read here.

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  • Historical Studies in Industrial Relations

    The journal Historical Studies in Industrial Relations was established in 1996 to stimulate interest in the historical field of industrial relations and the history of industrial relations thought. Broadly speaking it covers the employment relationship and economic, social and political factors surrounding it – such as labour markets, union and employer policies and organization, the law, and gender and ethnicity. Find out more about HSIR here
    Table of content for latest issue here.

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  • Support the People's History Museum

    Reverse the £200,000 cut in funding to The People’s History Museum in Manchester.
    Please stop the cuts and save this national treasure. Sign Petition here

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  • Salford Stories & Radical Readings

    Christopher Eccleston and Maxine Peake to tell story of Salford’s radical history at fundraising event. Salford stars will be joined by actress and broadcaster Sheila Hancock at university event to help pay for upkeep of Working Class Movement Library.

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  • Chartism Magazine No. 7 October 2014

    Chartist enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the latest version of the Newport Chartism magazine can be down loaded here. This issue contains up to date information on the 175th Anniversary programme. To book your FREE place at the November 1st Newport Chartist Convention, see page 3 and book via

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  • Annual General Meeting of the SSLH

    The next AGM of the Society will take place on Saturday 8th November at 12.15 at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge campus (room Helmore 251). The AGM will take place during the lunch break of The Labour and the 1980s conference. Places for the Labour in the 1980s conference can be booked here.

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  • Edward Carpenter

    The Friends of Edward Carpenter are a small group of people who are dedicated to establishing a permanent memorial to Edward Carpenter in Sheffield City Centre, recognising his historical and social importance and unique association with the city.

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  • Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider

    New book by Satnam Virdee offers an original perspective on the significance of both racism and anti-racism in the making of the English working class

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  • Labour and the Left in the 1980s

    This conference aims to reassess Labour and the Left in the age of Thatcherism. This is the moment to take stock of Labour’s long period in the wilderness especially with an election due next year. Are there new ways of thinking about Labour and left wing politics in this period? How should we interpret this period of the left’s history? Papers will consider (amongst other subjects) Labour in opposition, the Miner’s Strike, feminism, Greenham, racial politics, trade unions, the GLC, and the cultural politics of the left.

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  • John Hugh Burland (1819-85) - Barnsley Chartist

    Barnsley College UCU branch have raised the money and organised a blue plaque marking the birthplace of John Hugh Burland, the Barnsley radical and Chartist whose Annals of Barnsley volumes are a significant source for historians of the movement in the West Riding.

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  • Fundraiser for the WCML

    23 November 2014

    Christopher Eccleston and Maxine Peake to tell story of Salford’s radical history at fundraising event
    Salford stars will be joined by actress and broadcaster Sheila Hancock at university event to help pay for upkeep of Working Class Movement Library.

    Tickets for this fundraising event are £12 (£8 student concessions), and are available from the University of Salford online shop. For enquiries please contact the University events team on 0161 295 5241, or email

  • World Wars and Historical Memory

    27 November 2014

    World Wars and Historical Memory

    Raphael Samuel Memorial Lecture 2014
    Tariq Ali ‘World Wars and Historical Memory’
    6.30pm, Thursday 27th November 2014

    Tariq Ali is a longstanding editor at the New Left Review, and has written over two dozen books on history and politics, seven novels and scripts for stage and screen. He will speak about how history can become distorted, instrumentalised and decontextualised when viewed from the ideological needs of today’s establishments.

    The lecture will be followed by a wine reception.

    All welcome, but booking is necessary. To reserve your place, go to

    (Map and directions:

    Arts Two Lecture Theatre
    Queen Mary University of London
    Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.

  • Fighting against war: peace activism in the twentieth century

    11 February 2015

    Fighting against war: peace activism in the twentieth century

    Conference: University of Melbourne, Australia, 11-13 February, 2015
    Throughout the twentieth century, labour movement activists have been in the forefront of challenges to war and militarism. This conference, hosted by the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, seeks to restore their role to our historical memory.

    For further information contact:

  • Shaping the Labour Party Conference 2015

    23 March 2015

    Shaping the Labour Party Conference 2015

    To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the election of the first majority Labour government in 1945, the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology at Bangor University will be hosting a conference on the history of the Labour Party, entitled ‘Shaping the Labour Party’. The Conference will take place on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March 2015.

    More information

  • Socialism and the Cold War in Western Europe

    18 April 2015

    Socialism and the Cold War in Western Europe

    With a focus on Western Europe, this conference will explore ideological responses to the sustained period of Superpower tension between 1945 and 1989. Diplomatic studies of the Cold War have, of course, abounded and, more recently, there has been an increasing interest in the cultural aspects of the Cold War. Yet the Cold War was, in fundamental respects, a war of ideas and it these that this conference will seek to understand in greater depth. With coverage that includes Britain, it will consider Social Democracy, the New Left, Communism and Eurocommunism as well as labour and the trade union movement more widely. This conference will examine transnational trends through the impact of European integration and the development of human rights as well as reflecting on the diversity of national experiences. It will also consider American and Soviet views of West European Socialism in its various guises.

    For more information contact Paul Corthorn

  • Nationalism and Internationalism in Labour History

    25 April 2015

    This one-day conference will explore the entangled relationship between nationalism and internationalism – both in the pasts of workers and in the political formations that addressed working-class concerns. Having become increasingly aware of the problems of methodological nationalism, institutional history and Eurocentrism, labour historians have expressed a significant interest in transnational phenomena. However, this line of enquiry must not obscure the ongoing role of nationhood – both as an idea and as an organisational principle. The conference will shed light on competing and interrelated strands of activism and their connections with imperial rule, globalising processes and nation-building. The event seeks to explore the complex ways in which ideas, people and social contestation circulated beyond borders. It shows how individuals, parties and social movements negotiated the intertwined tenets of nationalism and internationalism in these contexts.
    Organisers invite papers around the following themes:

    • Nationalism and internationalism in the intellectual history of labour.
    • Activists, transnational networks and their reconfigurations of socialist, communist or anarchist movements.
    • Relations between labour and nationalism in anti-colonial struggles.
    • Labour, nationalism and internationalism during wars and in post-war settlements.
    • Historic globalisations, labour and nationalism.
    • Syntheses of class and nation in ideology, identity, consciousness and discourse.

    Keynote speaker: Dr Emmet O’Connor (University of Ulster)

    Deadline for proposals (300 word abstract and one page CV): 30 January 2015

    For proposals or further details: or

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