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Young film-maker Alex Hopley has taken historian Eric Hobsbawm’s phrase to describe the Swing Riots of the early 1800s to produce a really interesting film on the Luddites which shows that there was much more to them than merely smashing machines.

Based on interviews with historians and neo-Luddites, the attempt to preserve community, values and ideas in the face of technology and corporate greed is totally relevant to today.
Plus – Huddersfield photographer Richard Littlewood will be talking about and exhibiting his photographs of the remaining textile mills involved in the Luddite battle.
Talk by Alan Brooke, local historian and neo-Luddite, whose website Underground Histories deals with the Luddites.

HOLMFIRTH FILM FESTIVAL Monday 18 May 2015. Starts at 7.30pm FREE
Venue Holmfirth Adult Education Centre

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