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SSLH joins the BME Activities and Small Grants Scheme

The Society for the Society of Labour History (SSLH) has agreed to join the BME Activities and Small Grants Scheme initiated by the Social History Society, the Economic History Society and History UK, helping to fund several projects in 2019/2020. Joan Allen, chair of the SSLH, said, “Labour history has always been committed to capturing marginalised voices and a focus on how worlds of work (and non-work) relate to structural inequalities. This important initiative to enhance the diversity of how history is being represented, discussed, researched and taught resonates with the ethos of our society, and we are therefore glad to support this scheme.” The Society‚Äôs involvement in this initiative builds on its role in supporting research and events: the SSLH also maintains research bursaries for undergraduates and bursaries as well as a conference bursary scheme.

Further information on these opportunities can be accessed on these additional funding opportunities can be accessed via the following page.

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